9 Tips for Photographing Yosemite’s Fire Fall

The famed Yosemite Fire Fall – To Purchase a Copy Click HERE! Every February, if the conditions align just right, a phenomenon known as “Fire Fall” occurs in Yosemite National Park when the sun sets […]

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Winter Photography: Essential Tips for Traveling and Shooting in Cold Winter Conditions

Snow covered meadows – the perfect place to camp!             Hiking and camping during the winter looks amazing in pictures, but in reality, can be quite the opposite. Normally, the biting cold and increased challenges […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking Day 5: Little Yosemite Valley to Yosemite Valley

The day had finally come – today we’d be finishing our backpacking trip. The last portion of our trek was going to take us back down a portion of the John Muir Trail past Nevada […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking Day 4: Cloud’s Rest to Little Yosemite Valley

Sunrise atop Cloud’s Rest, the thought itself sounds majestic enough. Even before the alarm rang I was already awake, eager to see what the sky would look like once I pulled the tent door open; […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking Day 3: Sunrise Lakes to Cloud’s Rest

Today is the day, today we head to Cloud’s Rest! This had been a day long in the making,  something I had been looking forward to ever since my first trip to Yosemite, where I […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking Day 2: Upper Cathedral Lakes to Sunrise Lakes

Day 2 of our trek would take us deeper into the back country of Yosemite, into places I had yet to explore. Needless to say, I was extremely stoked, particularly because of the many alpine […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking Day 1: Toulumne Meadows to Upper Cathedral Lakes

Taking off from the Cathedral Lakes trail head, we weighed in our packs: 58lbs for me, 42lbs for my girlfriend, and 48 lbs for my buddy Dan. Camera gear is not light (and neither is […]

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Epic Yosemite Backpacking: The Prequel

After my many trips to Yosemite, the one thing that was left off the bucket list, so to speak, was to hike from the high country of Toulumne Meadows all the way down to the […]

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Chasing the Fire: Photographing Yosemite’s Famed Fire Falls

Back in December 2015, I was perusing the usual photography forums I frequent (, and noticed a post called “It’s almost that time…” Intrigued, I clicked on to see what it was almost time […]

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The Best Free Camping Locations in Big Sur, California

Ever since my first trip down the California coastline via the Pacific Coast Highway and through Big Sur, I’ve been longing to return for a proper visit. In an effort to find free campsites off […]

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